Healthy skin gives a feeling of security and wellbeing, and lets us experience sympathy and affection. Healthy skin is seen as cared for and therefore beautiful. Without the necessary care, skin loses its vitality and elasticity. The natural protective function is lost, cells break down and the tissue then becomes slack. You begin to age prematurely - resulting in dehydration. This can only be counteracted through the use of high-quality caring substances and elected nutrients. This is why you should do something good for your skin after visiting the sauna, the swimming pool or your gym.

BaurAktiv® SportCreme

Belebt und regeneriert die beanspruchte Muskulatur.
Zur äußerlichen Anwendung. Verstärkt den Lockerungs- und Aufwärmeffekt.
Besondere Hautpflege durch:
Mandelöl, Vit.E, Hyaluronsäure.
Gebindegröße erhältlich:
100 ml

BaurAktiv® moisturising cream -
Linimentum aquosum N
Skin type: greasy and combination skin

BaurAktiv® moisturising cream -Linimentum aquosum N

Skin type: greasy and combination skin

This beneficial mixture cares for and protects both healthy and environmentally-stressed skin, particularly in the case of moisture loss. With its high water content and special structure, it is ideal for providing moisture to the skin. For this reason, this cream is suitable for frequent use for light care without any greasy residue; its doesn't contain any parabens or mineral oil.

BaurAktiv® basic cream

Skin type: Combination and normal skin

This high-quality skin and body cream is recommended for use on the entire body. It produces a soft and smooth skin, and is particularly recommended for stressed and irritated skin. Furthermore, it is suitable for long-term use. You can decide for yourself how you would like to pamper your skin through the addition of caring oils or other components. For example, by mixing in BaurAktiv® basic oils, it can be used as a provider of vitamin E, or can help care for dry and flaky skin. You can also give this cream the required touch by adding a few drops of BaurAktiv® essential oils. Can also be used on children. Contains no parabens and no perfume.

BaurAktiv® skin-care lotion with evening-primrose oil

Skin type: dry and irritated skin

The especially smooth cream foundation, enriched with 5% natural evening-primrose oil, provides the skin with intensive moisture and additionally provides it with long-term protection against dehydration. The lubricating and moisturising lotion, without any perfumed oils, is ideal for supportive care in the case of neurodermatitis and other inflammatory skin problems. The essential fatty acids contained in evening-primrose oil strengthens the natural barrier function of the skin and supports skin regeneration. Free from colours and also ideal for use on children. Free from parabens and perfume.


BaurAktiv® skin-protection cream with shea nut butter

Skin type: dry to normal skin

This body cream does your skin a favour. This formulation has been developed with great care for everyday use. The highquality cream foundation, mixed with shea nut butter, makes the skin soft and supple. The unsaponifiable ingredients of shea oil moisturise the skin and provide it with intensive care. In addition, the very good lubricating and water-binding properties of shea nut butter smooth the skin and help it retain its natural protective function. Ideal for use after taking a sauna, bathing or showering. Free from parabens, silicones and colours.

Available package size:
Crucible: 50 ml, 200 ml